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Poor Credit Union Website Design Hurts Growth

written by: uncommn
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What if your website design could guide your members and potential members directly to the information they need as soon as they land on your homepage? There’s more than meets the eye as far as building an effective website just putting the information on it. Embedding videos, applying minimalistic features, and using bold call to action buttons are important, but they are just the beginning. Here’s how some of the latest web design trends can help guide your members and potential members towards opening accounts and applying for loans.

Strategic Psychological Placement 

Have you contemplated where to strategically place the Call-to-Action,’ ‘Contact Us,’ or the ‘About Us’ buttons? Unfortunately, some websites have these options buried or fail to provide easy navigation through the credit union’s site.

The serial position effect makes it clear you can control user behavior by placing items or information in a particular order. This refers mainly to the first piece of information a member sees (primacy effect) and the last piece of information a member sees (recency effect).  For example, placing an auto loan offer or a promo offer for opening a new account on your home page with a highly visible call to action will visually nudge them to take the path you are suggesting. If these offers can’t be found easily, your credit union can lose out on loan and membership growth.

Opt-In Offer Banner

When a member or potential member finds themselves on your credit union website, it only takes a second or two for them to decide if your offer suits their financial needs. Put your latest and greatest promotion or offer right at the top of the page. Make it bold, make it clear and make it fun! These are the main ingredients for a great opt-in offer to engage your audience.

You never know who might be in the market for an auto loan, searching for a low-interest rate on a transfer balance, or just needs to open a checking account! A banner can be linked to your online loan application, new account opening application, or email subscription.

Mobile-Friendly Credit Union Websites

One of the most common mistakes we see in credit union website design is the lack of mobile-friendliness. According to a recent article about web design statistics and trends in 2022, 94% of first impressions are design-related, 61% of internet users have a higher opinion of companies with mobile-friendly website design, and 54.8% of website traffic was generated on mobile devices in 2021. These statistics confirm mobile-friendliness is an essential tool for growing your credit union.

Whether it is a first-time home buying experience, a balance transfer, or a new auto loan, your members must be able to find what they are looking for without hassle or unnecessary clicks. Applying these trends will aid your credit union’s membership and loan growth.


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