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5 Elements to Optimize Your Credit Union’s Website for Members

written by: Alex VanHaasteren
Drawing of website layout on responsive devices on computer screen

Many credit unions launched revolutionary digital changes throughout the pandemic and continue to do so… how is your credit union doing? If you are wondering if you are on the right path, consider these five key elements.

According to Digital Banking Report research, during the pandemic, while credit unions’ online banking was functional, the experience is far from optimal.

Designing a website means much more than eye-catching graphics and the important links to help guide your members along their digital journey at your credit union.  You will need to be legally compliant, representative of the diversity in your field of membership, optimized for your members’ journey, and above all else, valuable to every one of them! Let’s get started!

Here are five key components that your website needs to have:

1.) Ensure ADA Compliance

Legally speaking, this is required. Fear not… if you’re not sure, there are plenty of free ADA compliance website checkers available through any search engine. And if you find yourself needing a compliance check-up or need help getting your website compliant, we’re ready to chat!

2.) Represent Diversity

Start with your target audience and your ideal members.  Then, ensure your marketing team is diverse and inclusive when choosing images that represent your credit union’s particular field of membership. Representation helps your members or future members feel seen and accepted. Asking your team a few questions like these can help get them started:

  1. Can everyone who might view the photo see someone like themselves represented in it?
  2. If this were a photo of me or someone I love, would I be okay with how they are represented?

3.) Simplify the Process

Members want to know that their information is secure and that someone is there to answer their questions when problems arise. Offer secure forms, as well as a Live Chat option, so your members can rest assured they can trust your credit union to be there for them when needed and that their money, personal, and financial data is in good hands. Go the extra mile and provide a language-translation tool to ensure your content is able to be read by all members!

4.) Offer an Appointment Scheduler

Time is our most valuable asset and being able to schedule and plan meetings ahead of time is an amazing service to provide members. It’s safe to assume most of your members have been on at least one Zoom call during the pandemic and are familiar with how it works. If not, no worries, these appointment schedulers are simple and user-friendly. For your digitally savvy members, offering video conferencing makes it easier and more convenient to do business with your credit union.  Does your credit union offer this?

5.) Leverage Calls to Action (CTA)

What do you want your members to do? Fill out a form? Apply for a loan? Whatever action you want them to take, it must be clear, concise, obvious, and strong. You can use color, contrast, and white space to lead them to your CTA button, streamlining their digital experience and getting both the member and your credit union the necessary information.

These five elements will get your credit union on the path toward offering an optimized digital member experience. Remember, we’re always here to answer your questions. Get in touch by filling out the form below or emailing [email protected].


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