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3 Tips to Turn Your Credit Union Site Into a Member Magnet

written by: Alex VanHaasteren
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Credit union website marketing is crucial for credit unions that are looking to grow their membership. Did you know you can increase traffic, improve conversion rates, and ultimately attract more new members — all by making your website easy to navigate?

Here are a few tips and tricks we’ve picked up over the year on how you can make your credit union website more navigable for your members.

Be Mobile Friendly
Was your current website built with a mobile-first mindset? Most credit union members are on their phones when they visit your website. They should not have to zoom in and out or view the site horizontally because of an unresponsive design. Ensure your members have a positive digital experience with your credit union and can easily use your website across all of their devices – from desktops to smartphones – with a responsive web design. Your credit union’s website should be convenient for your members, not a challenge.

Add a Search Feature
Members shouldn’t have to search every page of your website to find the information they need. From hours to ATM locations, loan rates to applications, adding a search feature to your credit union’s website will save your members time, energy, and aggravation.

Offer Live Chat
Credit unions pride themselves on providing excellent member service. In a remote world filled with Zoom calls, are you providing the same service online as you would in-branch? Offering members a live chat option on your website can allow members to get in touch with your staff without coming in to or calling the branch.

We know why your members love their credit unions, and we also know that it is vital to connect with them using services and technologies that make their experience easy. Use the above tips to create a better experience for your members!

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