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Why Members will be Grateful for Your Website this Holiday Season

written by: Alex VanHaasteren
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‘Tis the season to let your credit union showcase the many ways it can support your members, especially in the upcoming months. With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays approaching rapidly, it’s time to make your website as valuable as possible as we head into the holiday season.

Focus on Financial Wellness: There are several ways to do this. Blogs, sharing money-saving tips, cybersecurity awareness information, or what steps to take when traveling so your finances and your travel plans stay in line are all great examples of financial wellness tips your members can appreciate. Positioning your credit union as a financial wellness resource can deepen relationships, build your members’ confidence regarding their own finances, and increase your value to them overall by providing meaningful advice they want and need when they need it.

According to the National Endowment for Financial Education, since the pandemic 84% of Americans are still feeling stress about their personal finances. They want help but don’t know where to turn or how to ask. This is an opportunity for credit unions to take the lead and be that trusted resource.

A recent Financial Brand article found that 63% of survey respondents said they would like their banking provider to send them proactive, personalized messages and alerts to help them manage finances. Experts agreed that a successful financial wellness strategy is rooted in financial institutions incorporating guided, proactive and timely insights into relevant and personalized experiences and interactions.

Deliver a Mobile Responsive Experience: What better way to provide a relevant and personalized experience than being mobile friendly? Most members have a smartphone that they are more than likely using to do their holiday shopping anyway. In one of our previous blogs, we explain why being mobile-first matters and if your credit union’s website is not responsive to mobile devices, your website is less likely to appear in your members and potential members’ search results. This can lead to missed growth opportunities and frustrated members.

There are several opportunities to grow your membership in the upcoming months. Are you offering any credit card promotions for holiday shopping or incentives when opening a youth account? Maybe you are launching awareness campaigns about debt consolidation loans or refinancing options. Are you simplifying members’ lives so they can take advantage of the many ways your credit union is positioned to help them over the holidays and into the new year?

If they tried to access your website from their phones, what would they see and how easy is it to navigate to what they need? What if they had to lock or put a hold on their credit or debit card: How quickly and easily can they do that?

During this holiday season, a premier mobile experience is paramount. If you haven’t updated your website within the last two years, you should really consider redesigning it as soon as possible. Having your digital presence dialed in reaffirms why your members choose to bank with your credit union.

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