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Website Trends to Watch for in 2022

written by: Alex VanHaasteren
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Start the new year off right with a new website that clears up some of the clutter your members may be experiencing with your current website with a simplistic (yet eye-catching) design, simple navigation, and clear calls to action. Stay on-trend and take advantage of these five website trends we expect to see in 2022.

Share Your Sense of Place and Purpose

People are choosing local, so one hot trend is incorporating a sense of place using imagery and photographs featuring iconic or popular areas from around cities, towns and natural places they live. Leveraging known visuals throughout your website from areas in which your members live and do business will go a long way to reinforcing your connection with members and position as a pillar in your community.

Use Simple, Bold Design

Time is our most valuable resource. Look at your website through a new lens. Minimalist doesn’t have to be boring. Bold, bright colors and gradients are going to be popular in 2022 and help brands stand out. In addition to color, be concise with the copy, and eliminate confusion with very clear, crisp calls to action that encourage your members to want to learn more, read more and engage with your website – and products.

Embed Videos

Embedding a video on your website’s homepage is one of the best trends to incorporate in 2022! Showcase what makes your credit union unique. Customize your website to demonstrate your local roots, inclusivity, and modernity. Your homepage is where your members and potential members learn why they should choose to bank at your credit union. It’s not enough for members to be aware they can bank with you; show them why they should bank with you.

Portray a Positive Mindset

Banking is typically not high on anyone’s fun list. People are looking for ways to become more financially confident and build stability. Step up to put your members’ and potential members’ minds at ease. Create a warm and inviting sense that your credit union is the trusted resource they are seeking. Leverage your website as they place help alleviate their financial stress and instill the confidence in them that you can guide them towards financial success.

Personalize the Experience

According to a recent Harris Poll survey, 61% of consumers want their financial institution to anticipate their needs the same way online retailers like Amazon do. Accommodate those with visual and auditory impairments by offering features like chatbots or a dark mode setting to ease the stress on their eyes when scrolling at night, in addition to the basic Americans with Disabilities compliance.

Make it easy for people to contact you. Offering a live chat feature on your website allows members or potential members browsing your website a quick, easy way to get in touch with your staff without coming into or calling the branch.

Ready to put these ideas into action? What better time than the beginning of a new year! Credit unions have earned members’ trust. Kick it up a notch and give your web design a boost to better support them.


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