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Great Basin FCU Boosts Website Presence to Continue Growth

written by: uncommn
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The $274.4 million Great Basin Federal Credit Union had a banner year in 2022 and is looking to continue its growth in 2023. The credit union expanded its field of membership at the end of last year from one county to 12 counties without adding any new branches. Instead, Great Basin FCU Chief Experience Officer Elisabeth Hadler turned to uncommn to redesign the credit union’s website.

To continue serving its new membership with the same local feel, Hadler explained that the new website had to have a top-notch user experience and speak to all the existing and new potential members in the 12 counties it now serves in Nevada and Idaho. The credit union’s top objectives are to grow its membership and deposits, leveraging its virtual financial coaching opportunities and knowledge base. Great Basin’s new website will play a key role in that as the hallmark of the credit union’s online presence.

Hadler shared that Great Basin’s key differentiator has always been its simplicity and demonstration of empathy for its members. The credit union had already defined its brand, and uncommn helped them to further hone personas and the feelings of the members they represent to enhance the credit union’s focus on who it serves and why, she said, before even discussing the credit union’s new website.

“The team at uncommn was willing and able to peel back the onion to understand us, and also for us to understand us,” Hadler said. “The end result was a position statement that helped us understand who we’re serving and why.” For example, fewer clicks for members to get to critical information and fewer website pages, in general, demonstrate the simplicity members have come to expect from Great Basin.

“uncommn is not about just building a site they think looks cool,” Hadler emphasized.

As a result, very few changes were made after the first peek at the website, according to Hadler. “Alex [Vanhaasteren, senior web developer] is super responsive, and Courtney [Bravo, senior client success manager] was very helpful with copywriting and branding decisions.”

Great Basin’s team is very excited about the more modern look and experience of the website, Hadler said. They especially love how easy the pages are to update as rates are in flux.

“Elisabeth and the Great Basin team came to us with ideas and were highly receptive to ours as well,” uncommn’s Bravo said. “Ensuring the website would connect with its existing members and the many new potential members can be challenging. However, we worked through our process with them to innovate their online presence, so they can focus on maintaining and building trust with their existing and new potential members. We’re proud of the end results, and we’re happy that Great Basin is, too!”

Originally published on the Credit Union Connection.


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