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Credit Union Website Design Tips for a Trusted Brand

written by: uncommn
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Want Members to Recommend Your Credit Union? Clean Up Your Website.

Word of mouth is said to be the most valuable type of advertising. And given ever-tightening marketing budgets, credit unions cannot afford to lose this avenue to get the word out.

What does that have to do with your credit union’s website? More than half of  members won’t recommend your credit union to their friends and family if you have a poor mobile experience.

That’s right: 57% of web users will not recommend a company if the mobile experience is bad. If your credit union website hasn’t updated your site in a couple of years, it’s past time to get on top of it. You can’t afford to miss out on those referrals!

Also, consider that 78% of Americans prefer to perform their banking digitally, according to Forbes. In a recent article by The Financial Brand, today, only one in five consumers say they would rather visit brick-and-mortar branches. With 80% of member traffic headed to your website, there is no room for an outdated or worse – an extremely mundane – online presence.

Put those data points together, and it’s clear your credit union website must become a top priority. Hire the right credit union website design firm to ensure it is easy to navigate, features a sleek, onbrand design and, yes, mobile friendly.

Don’t be hasty in selecting your credit union website design firm. You want a partner who listens to your understanding of your members, responds in a way that demonstrates they are actively listening, and asks a lot of probing questions for improved comprehension. Choosing poorly will leave you frustrated and wasting time, money and resources. 

Refreshing your website with the right partner for a frictionless user experience positions your credit union as an essential, trusted resource. The right partner will understand credit unions’ cooperative spirit, as well as the high-standards for member service. After all, they’re your owners!

Leverage your credit union website to communicate better with members and engage them with regular releases of actionable financial wellness content to help keep your credit union top of mind when their – or a friend’s – financial needs arise. Back to that word of mouth marketing every business covets!

Outsourcing your redesign to a trusted business partner in credit union website design can yield a greater return on investment. With the right expertise, your new credit union website should bring in members and loans. And by taking the task off your team’s to-do list, you will have more time to focus on strategy to grow your credit union even more. 

Let uncommn relieve the stress of your credit union website design. Investing in uncommn as your website design team, you can be confident in the way members see, trust and refer their friends and family to your credit union.

Don’t let your members and potential members pass you up because of your outdated website. Get uncommn & get unscrewed.


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