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Buying Back Your Time in the New Year With Your Credit Union Website

written by: uncommn

In 2023, members will need their credit unions more than last year. Why? We’re recession-bound, and members will need your team’s best advice on how to handle their finances. Is it smart to take a loan now? Should I be beefing up my savings if I can? How much? As the financial experts, these are the matters your team is best equipped to handle.  Members will also be anxious about the financial conditions and will very likely require more of your team’s attention.  As members look to your credit union website as a resource, ensuring that it is up-to-date with rates, and other financial information is key!

Is your team task-saturated? 

Members are going to be turning to your credit union and team to help them weather whatever financial storm is on the horizon. If your team is bogged down with an abundance of day-to-day tasks, they’re not going to be focused on the most important job at hand: serving your members well. 

Take back your time!

Among copious tasks mounting, one of the most valuable items you can take off their plate – or at least streamline – is adopting a website that’s simple to use. With minimal training and thorough documentation on the most common updates, our clients are able to manage their sites with ease. In case you missed it:  CEO Bo McDonald, and Inspire FCU Vice President of Retail Banking Operations Ashley Poller recently sat down with CU Broadcast Host Mike Lawson to talk about the impact of going through the website redesign process and launch has meant for them in terms of functionality, branding and more. Watch the whole interview here.

If it’s all still too much, work with a company that behaves like a true business partner that’s invested in your credit union’s success and puts you in control of your website. Other credit union website design companies are holding credit union websites hostage with long-term contracts.  That’s why we want to delight your credit union with a stress-free experience when it comes to redesigning your credit union website. That’s what makes us uncommn.


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