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A Lost Opportunity to Grow Members

written by: uncommn
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Your credit union website needs a refresh.

Credit union leaders need to be aware of the results of one recent study that reported two important data points:

  1. 46% of consumers are now using their smartphone exclusively to browse brands online before making a decision.
  2. 40% of consumers are now using their smartphone exclusively to manage their finances.

This is a huge rise in people continuing to ditch their laptops and desktops in lieu of the more convenient phones and tablets. What in the world does this have to do with my credit union? When was the last time you updated your credit union website? If it’s been more than two years the data above should be a concern.

If your website doesn’t offer a great user experience on a phone or tablet, research shows they’re clicking out of your site pretty quickly, leaving you out of the running for their next credit union.

If your online applications are clunky (many we find are not mobile-friendly at all) your abandonment rate of the application process will be incredibly high.

Both are big issues when you’re investing your marketing budget into digital or social media ad buys. We see it often. “Impressions and clicks are high!” That means you’ve got the right message and people want to consider your credit union for the financial solution they need.

“But we’re not getting any loans or new members from it!” Your credit union website user experience is clunky and outdated.

If it’s been at least two years – and we see many go longer than that – since you’ve updated your credit union website, let’s talk. uncommn will perform a complete review of your current site to help you gain perspective on where the issues are and provide solutions to create a frictionless user experience to help grow your share of wallet with existing members and even grow new members through your new website.

By the way, if you’re locked into a long contract with another website company, we may be able to help offset the cost of getting out of that contract, so you can be in total control of your website. Let’s talk!


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