Engage your youngest members.

Making smart financial decisions as an adult starts in childhood. uncommn Marketing Partners offers youth savings accounts that are designed to engage your credit union’s youngest members. Is your credit union ready to help kids fill in the financial blanks on spending and saving? We’re ready to help make dollars and cents make sense.

youth accounts
Dollar Dog Kids Club website on desktop

Dollar Dog Kids Club®

Credit union membership and saving money just got a whole lot cooler. For kids 12 and younger under, the Dollar Dog Kids Club kicks off financial coaching with America’s favorite cash-conscious canine. With activity sheets, passbooks, and official kids club merchandise, Dollar Dog is sure to be your credit union’s new CFO (Chief Fun Officer, that is).

cha-ching! Teen Club®

From odd jobs to allowances and birthday money, help your credit union’s tween and teen members learn the value of a dollar and get started on the right financial foot with the cha-ching! Teen Club.

ChaChing Teen Club website on desktop
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Before they head off on their own, make sure your teen members are ready to take on the world with practical advice on everything from saving for a car to going to college.