You May Be Spending Too Much Time On This One Thing…

Does your team spend too much time on work about work? You know, the mundane tasks that keep your to-do list running day in and day out? It’s very much possible! Earlier this month, I spent some time tuning in to a webinar that asked that very question and left with a few key takeaways.

You may be spending too much time on work about work.
According to research, out of 10,000 workers studied, only 27% of their workweek was spent on skilled labor. Or in simpler words, the work they were hired to do in the first place. 13% of the time was spent on big-picture strategy, and a whopping 60% of the week was spent on that boring work about work. These inefficiencies among team members, in turn, led to employees taking fewer breaks and working late nights which resulted in high levels of burnout.

Statistics of employees based on work ethic and burnout rate

Work Management and Project Management are not the same thing!
To put it short and sweet, the difference between work management and project management is the difference between managing processes and managing projects, respectively. Workers cited high-volumes of emails and messages, chasing down colleagues for status check-ins, and waiting for approvals and feedback as just a few hindrances to productivity. Effective work management focuses on 4 key things:

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The big picture. While the little details matter, staying focused on the larger tasks at hand.

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Keeping a balanced workload. Utilize the technology available to you to make sure the workload is balanced across all members so no one is doing too much at one time.

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Keeping team members informed. Keeping everyone in-the-know on pertinent projects is important, but making sure everyone is trained and knowledgeable on the tools they have at their disposal is equally important.


Establishing boundaries. In a world where everyone “is always on,” it’s important to give yourself (and those around you) the time and space needed to step away from the barrage of emails to recharge.

When those four all come together, people feel more productive and less burnt out, allowing processes to run more smoothly and projects to flow from person to person without disruption.

Islands aren’t effective
With a larger percentage of the American workforce working remotely, it’s easy for individuals to stay focused on what’s going on in their bubble and not look beyond. BUT, lack of clear communication can lead to misunderstandings, mistakes, and cluttered message rooms and inboxes. Keeping all of your information and projects in one system helps keep your team moving as one unit.

So, what do you think — are you spending too much time on your work about work? It’s never too late to commit to bettering your work management. In the end, you’ll likely walk away with a happier, more productive team.

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