World Wide WordPress

Do you remember fifteen years ago? How about ten? Well, it was the start of something. Something that would one day control the web and the digital world, allowing companies and people alike to market and present themselves with a digital presence. Its name? WordPress.

WordPress has taken over the internet and has given developers a chance to customize their sites in a whole new way. Its Content Management System (CMS) and open source code offers unlimited functionality and opportunity for improvement. What once started as a platform for blogs, is now running 30% of the web. But how has it become as powerful as it is?

  • Security – A team of developers that are dedicated to the secure CMS.
  • Customization – Open source power with unlimited possibility.
  • Speed – Creating fully functioning websites within a couple months.

As for the other 70% of the web, what does WordPress offer that could convince them to make the switch?

  • Familiar, intuitive Content Management System. If you’ve been in the back end of a WordPress, you’ll see some familiar features. While coding knowledge is always helpful, the visual editor makes anyone familiar with Microsoft Word feel like they have some idea of how to edit the site. WordPress users operate with the belief that websites should be able to be created by anyone, easily and effectively. Non-believers are slow to accept this “accessible to everyone” idea.
  • Personalized user experience. The open source nature of WordPress means experienced developers and virtual novices can all create custom sites. Through hand coding, pre-designed themes and thousands of plugins, sites can become as custom and unique as the people building them.
  • Scalability. It may be difficult to persuade Fortune 500 companies that the platform is bigger than its blogger past but more and more large companies are looking to WordPress for their sites and the freedom it offers. The platform may have started as an easy-to-use tool for sharing thoughts, ideas and recipes but it has developed into a powerhouse for the web world.

At the rate WordPress is going, only time will tell how much further the successful platform can go and how much more of the world’s websites it can conquer!

March 16, 2018