Website Insight: Campfire Edition

You may be completely comfortable making changes to your institution’s website, logging in and making edits without a moment of stress or second guessing. Or the thought may send a shiver of fear down your spine. Whether you are making changes yourself or sending edits to your web developer in-house or off-site, there are some factors that are universal.
Thanks to a recent Saturday spent at WordCamp 2019, a global WordPress conference made accessible through small local events held around the globe, here are four takeaways to share with your website team, whether you utilize the WordPress platform or not.

In conclusion, a site that looks pretty but doesn’t function well isn’t successful. The same is true for a site that has full functionality but isn’t visually interesting enough to keep visitors’ attention. The balance of speed, copy, design and functionality can be a difficult one to achieve but is key in acquiring traffic and achieving conversions.

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April 11, 2019

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