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Ah, the Millennials. They are the most talked about generation right now. Generation Y has been the prime target for most financial institutions. Not too young, not too old, and in the midst of making big life decisions like home buying. But like everything else, they will age out of being the target demographic. The next generation, Generation Z, are people born between 1995 – 2015. Meaning that some of Generation Z are already inching their way into the market, but what can you do now? While we can’t always predict the future, we can study trends and data to see how Generation Z uses online services. Here are some interesting statistics about Generation Z from Vision Critical:
  1. The number one thing Generation Z shoppers look for in the products they buy? Aesthetic.
  2. 74% of Generation Z are “very trusting” or “somewhat trusting” of financial institutions.
  3. The most favorited/visited website for Generation Z is YouTube.
  4. On average, Gen Z uses their smartphones 15.4 hours per week—more than any other type of device.
What can you do with this information to increase your market? Surprisingly, it’s not developing a mobile app, it’s updating your website. More and more of the younger generations are not downloading mobile applications. In fact, Generation Z tends to view and keep their online experiences to websites rather than mobile applications. Now you and your wallet can take a deep breath of relief as mobile applications are expensive and time consuming. What can you do to your website to extend to the younger crowd?

Modern Website Design Tips:

  1. Add Video
    Millennials want a cool product, Generation Z wants an experience. Combine the two by utilizing video to showcase your loan or membership offers.
  2. Mobile First Design
    It’s been mentioned 1000 times but more and more people are accessing your website through their phone. Start thinking about your website from a mobile perspective first and work your way to desktop.
  3. Splurge on imagery
    Use imagery throughout your site that is consistent in lighting, perspective, and are modern. The devil is in the details.
  4. Animation
    Use animation to create an experience for your users. For example, having steps for your forms with humorous messaging as they complete each step.

Incorporating these features in your website will help you to start building relationships with the future generation and keep you on the cutting edge. Making your brand more relatable to more people.

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Kaia Vaughn
July 29, 2019

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