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VP of Business Development

At uncommn, we are the preferred web development partner for innovative credit unions that seek control over their online presence by creating a truly delightful, stress-free experience for everyone involved, building trust through respect. Everything we do is centered around our three core values: trust, respect, and innovation.


We trust each other to act in the best interests of our clients. In turn, our clients trust us to be the experts in our field and create a truly delightful online experience for them, and their members.


Boundaries are put in place to ensure a smooth process for us and our credit union clients. We partner with credit unions who understand and respect those boundaries. Additionally, we respect our team and understand each person brings a unique skill set to the company.


We’re always looking for new ways to improve the online presence of our clients.

The Vice President of Business Development is responsible for generating and nurturing new credit union leads. You will be responsible for upholding our company culture and establishing boundaries and expectations for clients in order to maintain profitable and mutually beneficial relationships. The ideal candidate will be able to clearly communicate and collaborate with team members to create proposals and present those proposals to clients.