Top Questions From Your Web Developer

As a web developer, I need to learn all about your brand quickly so that I can accurately convey your message. This requires me to ask the right questions so you can give me the best feedback.

Here are some questions to think about before your next redesign to help your web developer give you the most of what you want.

If you are more visual and have difficulty imagining what something will look like or what you want, I will offer up alternatives for you to view and decide upon. The best part about this is that it relieves you of having to learn the technical lingo and gives you the ability to further explain what you like or dislike about the design.

Visual examples lead to deeper questions, like “why do you dislike this part of the design? Is it the movement of the animation? The color?”. Knowing your preferences sooner will help me make more instinctive design choices for you in the future.

Having answers to these questions prepared before the initial design meeting can help prevent going back and forth with edits and revisions. It’ll keep your stress levels down and your project on track.