The Digital World from a Print Perspective

Having worked as a designer in the print industry for 30 years, I — like a lot of credit unions out there — was a little hesitant to dive head first into the “new” digital world. It can seem overwhelming and brand new; like we’re starting from scratch.

The good news is, digital is just the next step in the evolution of brand messaging.

First, take a step back and analyze your marketing as a whole. Ask yourself some of these questions: What are you doing now, what is working and not working, do you have a marketing plan in place, what are your budget constraints, what target audiences are you trying to reach and do you have programs in place that will appeal to that audience?

Another question to ask before starting any digital media campaign is where will you be sending any potential leads? The vast majority of respondents will likely be driven to your website instead of a brick and mortar branch. Of course that means you’ll need to make sure your site is appealing, functional, clearly conveys your brand message and provides easy navigation for users to find what they’re looking for. Let’s say you are focusing your marketing on that spring car loan promotion. Visitors to your website should find the relevant homepage banner easily and be able to make one simple click to access all the information your potential borrower will need. The landing page will spell out the details of the offer and, ideally, contain an online application or interest form for them to request more information or get started right away. In addition, when members log into their online banking account, the promotion should be displayed prominently on the login page. Additional promotional messaging should be contained on your print and estatements, mobile app and any organic and paid social media posts as well as SEM/PPC ads.

The digital age is well underway, and you need to find ways to stand out from your competition. Here at uncommn Marketing Partners, we specialize in creating a creative, cohesive message to promote that loan at every member touchpoint. From print pieces like posters, newsletters and direct mail to homepage banners, landing pages, social media and online banking graphics to digital billboards, we create a consistent message to make a stronger connection with your audience.

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Bryan Rimbey
March 9, 2020

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