Teamwork: The Powerhouse of Success

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” – Helen Keller

Team work, as it has been explained to many from a young age, is helping one another to succeed by working to achieve a common goal, and, for many people, this idea of working together may evoke a memory and maybe even a particular emotion. It may remind you of a time when you worked with another student on a class project, or even competed at your best sport. No matter the outcome, your success or failure was measured by how well your team worked together.
Now, fast-forward a few years and think about your first real job out of college. Here’s when the real fun began, working to align your talents with others to fulfill clients requests and build real world solutions, all the while still using those same skills you learned from the beginning.
As a web developer, in the third year of my career, I have learned a few things about what teamwork means and how it can be used to create great results. Here are a few tricks:
  1. Collaborate! – It may seem like a given when discussing teamwork, but more often than not, it is lost. If you’re having trouble coming up with a new idea for your latest project, get some inspiration from others on the team. Having a brainstorming session may be just what you need to get your ideas flowing.
  2. Play off of each other’s strengths – Maybe one person on the team is a great writer, while another has an eye for design. Use this to your advantage when working on a project. Not only will it will make your concept stronger but you’ll get to know your team even better than before.
  3. Be vulnerable – If you are troubleshooting an issue, and you’ve hit a roadblock, ask for help. Another set of eyes on something you’ve spent hours working on, normally fixes the problem right away and clears up future frustration.
  4. Learn a new skill – More often than not when working with others, you will learn a new skill. This might involve a trick that helps them in their day-to-day or a new tool they are using that has helped make them more productive. Taking a few minutes to sit down with them may be all you need to learn something new.
Your business or latest project can only be as successful as the time you dedicate to it and the combined effort of the team, to bring all the pieces together. Hopefully, these quick tricks help motivate you to push outside your comfort zone and collaborate with others on your next project!

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February 10, 2020