Six Second Ads

What can you do in six seconds?

Reply to a quick text message. Sneeze, maybe even twice. Or capture the attention of an audience with video.

Six second video ads — known as bumper videos — can be a valuable piece of your marketing puzzle. The key is knowing when and how to use them and what to use them with. In a recent “Think With Google” blog, the experts who own YouTube talked about the power of the six-second video as a gateway to other longer form messages.

At uncommn and our sister company, YMC, we’ve used these videos as mini-movie trailers to set up the highlights of a bigger marketing promotion. We’ve also found them useful for promoting credit union events since they provide enough time to get the message across concisely without requiring ‘filler’ or ‘fluff’.

Read more about the power in six seconds here!

May 29, 2018