Put Your Best Font-Face Forward

Creating a new brand or giving your brand a face-lift can be exciting and stressful but essential. Ever Googled something, stumble upon a site that hits all the criteria of what you’re looking for, and immediately exit out because the font is unreadable, or the logo looks cheesy? The content may have been exactly what you were looking, but the unprofessional look makes you think otherwise.

Font is an important choice in all aspects of your brand. It can change the tone of your message, convey knowledge or quality, and can even provoke an emotional response. For instance, look at the alternate logos of some top brands and see how it can change your whole perception of them.

mastercard logo
Caterpillar logo

So how do you make sure that you’re choosing the right font for your brand?

Follow a few simple principles and you will have the perfect brand that will transcend into a thoughtful and engaging site.

When Selecting A Font Make Sure That All Parts Of Your Logo Are Readable.

We’ve all had that moment of driving, seeing a logo, and having to do a double take. Let’s also admit that most of us laugh at the random word(s) we saw and wonder to ourselves, “I can’t be the only one to have seen this. How didn’t they?” Don’t lose your credibility over poor font choices.

Keep In Mind That Most Cursive/Serif Fonts Are Not The Easiest To Read.

Serif fonts are making a comeback which is no surprise as they are beautiful, romantic, and give you a sense of sophistication. Remember to use wisely as they are a big culprit in principle #1.

Choose No More Than 2 Fonts.

You want your brand to be clean and professional. Mixing too many fonts together increases the likelihood of them being incompatible and creates a cluttered look. There are variations to each font such as how bold it is (font weight) or the letter spacing, that help create a new look to your font without finding a completely different one.

By following these principles, you will have a cohesive brand that will surely put you above the rest and display your credibility and service. To help get you started, here is a list of the Best Google Web Fonts, by awwwards.com.