PPC, Social, and Your Website: What You Need To Know

What have been the most important aspects of digital marketing for PPC advertisers over the past year? According to a State of PPC report recently released, the answer is conversion rate optimization (CRO) and mobile, with agencies favoring the former and brands the latter.

The report also indicates that social advertising has been the third-most important aspect of the digital marketing industry for both advertisers and brands.

Marketers of all types have been paying closer attention to conversion rate optimization in recent years, per research from Econsultancy, with A/B testing and customer journey analysis among the more popular methods. Interestingly enough, although mobile and social are becoming increasingly critical for PPC advertisers, they’ve yet to break into the most effective PPC channels.

For the time being, that continues to be text ads, which 87% of PPC advertisers consider effective. Remarketing holds the next stop, cited by roughly two-thirds of survey respondents. These were also rated the top-2 most effective PPC channels in last year’s survey.
Nevertheless, a majority of advertisers are finding that both mobile (60%) and social (53%) are effective, and those figures represent increases from last year.

With digital and social marketing taking more of a role in marketing plans and budgets, is your website capable of handling these leads and converting them into new members? Here’s some questions to consider:

If the answer to any of those questions is no, or you’re not sure it might be time to get uncommn. We’ll be glad to do a free review of your website and provide strategic direction that can turn an online brochure into one of your best-performing branches.

October 3, 2017