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By definition, newsletter marketing is the practice by which your credit union sends informational and product-focused content via an emailed or printed piece to your current member list and is also archived on your website. Credit Unions utilize newsletters to keep their brand top-of-mind for their members, establishing authority in the space and notifying them of pertinent news and current products or services that may interest them.
Gaging the success of newsletters.
Like all marketing initiatives, newsletters need to have a quantifiable impact on your credit union. The first step is setting measurable goals, which often include:
These base goals are catered to various campaigns or initiatives the newsletter could reinforce. For example, you are running a spring auto loan promotion that offers a low rate and a gas card give away for every closed loan. The newsletter would contain not only that information but also give the reader insight on how they can save money over financing through the dealer. Keep it catchy with the gas card too. Your first fill-up is on us!
Effective newsletters are informational, not sales-driven.
Like all marketing initiatives, newsletters need to have a quantifiable impact on your credit union. The first step is setting measurable goals, which often include:

Web users are regularly bombarded with offers, sales, and promotions. To get your members to open and read an email, the content needs to be genuinely interesting – beyond an attempt to push a product or services. Users are much more likely to open an email targeted to educating or entertaining them, and this is accomplished in the subject line. But with that expectation comes the necessity to actually follow through on the subject’s promise. For instance, inclusion of a community section, which highlights your involvement in areas where your members may be familiar.

Newsletters give your credit union an opportunity to demonstrate authority and expertise on the subject of your products and services. Tell members why your rates are better, your savings yields are higher, or a story about the 5K you sponsored. Also during this recent global crisis, it gives the members a reliable source for compassion and shows them they have someone they can financially depend on to be there. These give readers a reason to trust you and also tell a story that brings more personality to your brand. Your newsletter is a prime candidate to distinguish your brand from the big box bank down the road.

Checklist for an effective newsletter:
Do you ever ponder if your members are reading your newsletter?
Your newsletter can be an information resource for your members as well as a way to market your products and services. You can increase product and service penetration, reinforce member goodwill and loyalty, and even attract new members with a more dynamic newsletter. Let our team hear at uncommn Marketing Partners enhance your existing newsletter or create a new design that reflects your brand image and your current marketing efforts. Don’t miss our social posts for samples and suggestions to make your newsletter a dynamic resource for your members!
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