We’ve all heard the expression, “Less is more.”

“Enjoy more with less.”
“Do the most with what you have.”
“If you can create something with nothing, you can create anything.”

In the artistic and creative realm, this “trend” has become all the rage. Artists, designers, and developers alike have adapted minimalism and are pushing it to the limit.

As a web developer focused on mobile-first design, I enjoy implementing this trend in the work I create. Because sites have a tendency to be cluttered, I had to figure out a way to make them interesting. Thankfully, I have found three ways to do just that.

Emphasize and leave alone.

A website should be fast and easy information that can be understood by someone with little knowledge of your company or business. Often this is achieved by using one single headline, a few sentences describing it, and a couple photos. The rest should use styling (with lovely CSS) to attract the user. One page, one topic, one direction. That’s it

Stick to the brand.

A big reason why a lot of websites are simply not effective is because elements are pulled from many places. In order to unify the site as a whole, the brand must be enforced. Color, typography, sizing, and styles must be used religiously across the site.

Make it memorable.

There are billions of sites, billions of brands, and billions of users. If your site looks like your neighbor’s you are missing your opportunity to stand out on the web. Your brand should help tell your story and share what you can do for your audience.

A minimal and memorable site can impact your business. My job, along with many other developers, is to get you there and make something to be proud of.