Is Print Marketing Dead?

By far, the most common refrain I hear when discussing marketing opportunities is, “print is dead, right?”. It’s a controversial statement at least, and a complete misunderstanding at worst.

Obviously, the world of print has been turned upside down since the digital revolution. There have been sharp reductions in advertising revenues at most newspapers and magazines – and some did not survive. In the meantime, 70% of people are still more likely to remember a brand that they see in print. That is partly because of print’s lasting history and its reputation as a trustworthy medium. From classic production pieces like postcards, and brochures, to non-traditional pieces like window clings and point-of-sale signage, there is still something wonderfully viable about a product you can touch.

Does that mean you should be asking, “Print or Digital?” Well, that question overlooks an important aspect of print marketing – its symbiotic relationship to a company’s digital reach. Research shows that more than 60% of online searches are prompted by print media campaigns. Successful companies are using age-old marketing techniques like Direct Mail, Magazine Ads and billboards to drive their online traffic. The 1–2 punch of a well-crafted print/digital marketing campaign can deliver increased traffic and the results you’re looking for. So, the answer to the question is; Print AND Digital. There will always be a need for print. There will always be a place in marketing for producing physical pieces that enhance a robust digital marketing plan. The difference today is that marketers have an opportunity to use print as part of a larger, focused strategy that includes social media marketing and SEM.

There are countless opportunities to engage an audience with print. It’s literally everywhere you look. From signage on the roadways to the mail you receive at home, it touches our subconscious on a daily basis. As a production manager, I get the opportunity to visit various print shops from time to time and I can assure you, they are busy. Like many others in the industry, when people ask me, “Is print dead?”, I reply, “No, it’s just changing.”

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Chad Picha
October 21, 2019

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