“How Much Should My Website Cost?”

Asking this question is a lot like asking, “How much does a house cost?” There’s more than one answer. Housing prices depend on variables like the size of the house, its location, and whether it has extras like a swimming pool or a fancy French bidet. When it comes to pricing a website, our research suggests you should expect to pay at least $10,000. Of course, that’s assuming your sister’s friend’s cousin who is taking a web design class in middle school didn’t offer to build it for $500.

That being said, a more elaborate website could easily run you $100,000 or more. The final number depends on the site’s complexity and your expectations.

At uncommn, we’re not interested in being the “budget buster” of website companies. We believe your website should function as a digital branch—not simply an online brochure. As more of your target market (those elusive Millennials and members of Gen Z) demand easy access and instant information, your website should allow them to find answers quickly and conduct business efficiently.

Since launching our business in 2017, we’ve had one goal: to help small and mid-size credit unions be able to afford a new website. But more than just providing a new site, we want to produce a site that meets industry compliance standards as well as the needs of your younger, tech-savvy members. Unlike certain companies that are taking advantage of ADA lawsuits, we’re not a fly-by-night venture looking to make a quick buck. We’re dedicated to building quality websites designed for immediate impact and long-term success.

So, let’s circle back and answer your original question, “How much should my website cost?” At uncommn, we can develop a new site within a few weeks and deliver it for less than the $10,000 average. And while your credit union will receive a visually appealing website with impressive functionality, the benefits of working with us extend far beyond the site itself. Since we don’t outsource, you gain the confidence that comes from knowing your website is planned, designed, and built by full-time team members who understand the importance of a creating a seamless member experience. Once your site is live, our post-launch service is second-to-none. We won’t leave you hanging, and most importantly, we won’t make promises we can’t keep.

Thanks to our focused strategy, we don’t take on more business than we can handle. When we commit to providing essential website services on budget and on schedule, we stand behind that promise. In an industry where companies routinely make wild claims they can’t back up, our selective, customer-centered approach makes us different. You might even say it makes us—uncommn.

August 7, 2018