Engaging Website Users With Animated Features

In today’s entertainment industry, animation is becoming more prevalent and inviting us into a world outside our own. It allows us to live through the eyes of special characters and instills a sense of wonder and happiness. Most often we hear of its success in movies and television, but web development is beginning to recognize its potential as well. Color, typography, layout, and hierarchy are being implemented through motion, giving websites more dimension and interactive features.

When a user is brought to a specific page on a website, more than likely they are there to learn more about the company, find contact information or inquire about a particular service. Stumbling upon this information can be cut and dry, but more often than not it doesn’t have to be. Animation can take something of small importance on a website and turn it into something that the user remembers and takes away from the site. This can be as simple as giving a button the illusion of fading when hovered, allowing text the ability to “jump” when the page is scrolled, and even pausing the time an element takes to load onto the screen to slow the readers eye.

For WordPress developers, these interactive elements are easy with CSS3 animation and a multitude of plugins. Slider Revolution for example, gives a developer the ability to see something as simple as png and jpg images come to life with keyframes and transitions. Simple images are able to be transformed into stories, that help make a brand even more personal. Just as a small interactive segment can be created in Adobe Premiere, it can be created in WordPress in a matter of seconds.

Most recently, these techniques were put to use to refresh our brand new Uncommn site. Not only does it help tell our story, but it shows our clients and future business, that we enjoy what we do and have fun doing it. We are excited about learning more about these skills and using them to push the envelope in future projects.

Take a look at these techniques on our homepage!

July 6, 2018