Dollar Dog Kids Club


Launch Date | March 15, 2019

Everyone’s favorite cash-conscious canine has been a beloved character in the credit union community for almost two decades. And his website, while cute, had frankly seen better days. With the new DollarDogKidsClub.com launch, we were able to give the program and its participants a fresh new look with animations, responsive design, and easy access to marketing materials. Designed for members and the credit unions that serve them, we finally answered the question — YES! You can teach an old dog new tricks!

Special Features

  • Membership registration and permissions allow specific content controls for different users.
  • A special client section provides access to marketing materials, a forum to interact with other program participants and a ticketing system for submitting photos, events and more!
  • The paw cursor is an extra fun touch that keeps the site fun for Dollar Dog Kids Club members.