Does Your Website Bring You Joy?

I don’t know about you, but I love the latest craze of “less is more”. All of the documentaries, TV shows and books about decluttering and being happy with less is so inspiring. Usually, when those moments of inspiration hit, I wander around my house and imagine I have Marie Kondo following me and asking me if it brings me any joy. Most of the time it doesn’t, but there is still the fear of getting rid of something that I will inevitably/possibly/one day need. That little voice can be hard to silence, but I (so far) haven’t missed anything that I’ve ever given away. In fact, it feels freeing and like a weight has been lifted.
While it is easy to clean up and declutter your household because of it being something we interact with on a daily basis, we often forget about our digital housekeeping. Have you ever gone to your blog or website and just felt overwhelmed by all of the items that needed to be tended to or the chaos of your media library? We often forget that our online world could stand to be down-sized as well.
But where does one begin? The task can seem daunting but it starts with simple changes. Let’s explore some starting points that you can utilize to refresh your digital world which will in turn also speed up your site. Win-win!
  • Clean up extra media
    When I’m in the throes of developing, it’s easy to upload multiple images to figure out which one works best. I’ll try a few different options, resize them to make sure it fits perfectly or to make sure someone’s head isn’t cut off in the end result. This creates a bunch of extra files that aren’t needed and are just slowing down your site. Start deleting all of those unused photos and see how organizing them is now less overwhelming.
  • Keep only relevant blogs
    When you write an amazing blog or have this cool promotion you did two years ago, it’s hard to click the delete button, but we must be real with ourselves. The graphics are outdated or the references are no longer relevant. A good rule of thumb is to only keep the last six months of your blogs or promotional pieces. No one wants to search through your site just to come across something that is no longer available to them.
  • Use an auditing plugin & analytics
    You may be wondering why I’m suggesting adding something to your site in an article about cleaning it up. There is a method to my madness, I swear!

    Installing an audit tool that will document everything that you do on your site will help you narrow down what you actually use your site for. Studying your analytics will help you understand how users are using your site. You may find that your users hardly visit a particular feature or page. This could free up your time from having to maintain it and possibly some money if it’s a premium feature.
Now that you have a starting guide, did this help inspire you or did it make you feel even more overwhelmed?

“Thanks a lot, Kaia. Now I have another thing I have to think about cleaning”. #MyBad.

If you’re like me when it comes to cleaning my house (my cleaning lady was invited to the Christmas party), and you would prefer to have someone else do it, that’s completely understandable. Sometimes an impartial view is just what you need to get started. It also helps you avoid the little voice that asks if you should keep that brochure design from five years ago.

At uncommn Marketing Partners, we get that “Ahh” feeling when a website is tidied up. I know. We’re those people, but the great news is that we can be your people too. Hit us up below to get started on refreshing or possibly getting a sparkly new website all together today!

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April 28, 2020