But Is It The Best?

When the time comes to buy a car, you do your research. You ask friends. You question colleagues. And don’t forget about online data. Google gets a workout as you research makes, models, miles per gallon, safety ratings.

In fact, if you’ve made any major purchase in the last few years, you’ve probably devoted a lot of time to online research. But what about those smaller, everyday items? Google has released new information showing that our ever-present smartphones mean more and more of us are looking for information on things as seemingly mundane as a toothbrush.

The thing these searches have in common? A significant uptick in the number of searches that include the term best. Would you be surprised to learn that online shoppers are looking for ‘best safety ratings’ when buying a car? Probably not. But did you know that mobile searches for ‘best toothbrush’ have gone up over 100% in the last two years?*

It’s all part of a greater overall shift of users who aren’t just looking for basic information. Instead, they’re seeking to essentially crowdsource reviews and opinions on a product by adding the qualifier ‘best’ before their search.

Graphic showing best umbrellas

So what does this mean for you? It’s important that you (or whoever is running your digital campaigns) are aware of this trend and is working to get your ad served on searches for things like the best auto loan and best mortgage for first-time buyers. This can’t be your only digital strategy but it is just one more tool in your belt.

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graphic for best cellphone
September 27, 2017