5 Reasons People Hate Their Website Company

As a web developer, I need to learn all about your brand quickly so that I can accurately convey your message. This requires me to ask the right questions so you can give me the best feedback.

Here are some questions to think about before your next redesign to help your web developer give you the most of what you want.

  • Likely to Cost More Over Time: Your well-meaning core processor or tech vendor might have offered a good deal up front, but in the end you paid more for hosting and making changes to that inferior website than you would have if you had spent a little more up front.
  • Hard to End the Relationship: Once you figure out that you are spending too much money on an inferior website, you usually can’t take your website to a self-hosted plan, which means you’re stuck starting over, spending more money and wasting time establishing your online presence again.
  • Not Optimized for Search Engines: The way many vendors’ website products are coded is not SEO friendly. They’ve taken your brochure copy (or outdated web copy) and moved it over to the new site with no thought put into it.
  • Limited Design and Feature Options: You have fewer options compared to hiring a web developer. Fewer options means your site will likely look just like your competition down the street’s website. We once saw a direct competitor to one of our credit union clients launch a website with the exact same layout, font and features. Hence why we went to work to help them freshen up their site and stand out from the clutter.
  • Customer Service: This is where most “web companies” fall down. They don’t allow you direct access. When you need to make a change, you hear “that will take 48 hours” – which means you will need to follow up with them in a week to remind them to make that change.

When you’re tired of dealing with the common issues that frustrate most people with their website company, try uncommn.

July 18, 2017