2018 Web Design Trends

In 2018, web design trends will continue to focus on simplicity: simple typography, imagery and a neutral color palate. This concept, as well known by many designers and developers, has become accepted. More and more, developers are recognizing that this idea of simplicity can help users (both visually and productively) while keeping them engaged.

In easywebsite.uk’s article, “Website Design Trends for 2018: A Look Ahead to 1990,” five new trends are suggested.

  • Real people. This kind of photography accentuates preset situations and experiences and is not personalized to the user experience. Use images that reflect your user.
  • Gifs. Nowadays, we’re surrounded by these graphics. They are easy to create, capture content in seconds and are much more enjoyable than a boring ten-minute video.
  • Get to the point. If it’s longer than five to seven words, people will skip over it. Keep it simple with keywords that draw interest.
  • Grid layouts. And no, this doesn’t mean elements must be contained. Content can be broken up in digestible pieces while expressing dynamic angles, color choices and imagery.
  • Minimalism. Minimalism. Minimalism. No more extensive lists and paragraphs of copy no one will read. Simplicity can give you the right amount of information without being overwhelming. Stick to the basics.
September 13, 2017